Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Nivea Chantal Thomass Blush

Hello my friends <3

I hope you slipped since well into the new year and have celebrated nice. Anyway, I'm reingeruscht great and the rest of the holidays I enjoy just too. Although there was I 2 days ago still sick in bed but now I am thankfully feeling better and a little shopping I was to also:) Of course I could not walk by my beloved DM without being required to look to whether the Nivea products have been reduced. So I also got when I discovered Nivea counter with a nice 50% off sign. I held back quite a bit and have only taken the Chantal Thomass Blush, I have heard of him much good, because the only costs € 3.98 it cost otherwise the nächmlich around 8 €. What appealed to me is the design of very very playful and pretty, such beautiful packaging I have not clearly Blush or rouge my collection. The color and pigmentation are quite good. I already tried the blush on my cheeks and was thrilled by the result. It looks nächmlich very fresh and of course from where it can also be very good layers. Tried it with a photo to catch what I have unfortunately not succeeded quite as well. But that's enough to hope and you could you form an opinion. And when you get it yet want, then we hurry to the Nivea stand was almost completely looted;)

Eure Simone


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