Sunday, January 23, 2011

Uncensored Pattycake Vids

Catrice and Primark raid raid

Hallöchen my sweet <3

I'll get back again with a nice foray into the blogger world. Yesterday was shopping with my two friends in Gelsenkirchen, where I captured a lot. I am particularly pleased about the Catrice things, I almost do not possess. But at Primark, I could not walk past is also why there is still a lot of jumping in my bed.

Catrice things :

Catrice Allround Concealer Palette: 2.79 €

Bild hinzufügen Bild hinzufügen

Catrice Nail Polish 100 Wine-tastic: 2.49 € (looks black from added but a nice red glow)

Catrice Heidi Plum Eyeshadow 280: 2.79 €

Swatch of eye shadow

Primark things:

Bild hinzufügen Bild hinzufügen
Bild hinzufügen Mid-length chain of Primark: 3 €

flower shoes: 7 €

Black shoes: 3 €

Case: 5 €


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