Friday, January 14, 2011

Full Lenghth Rolling Mirror


Hi:) I wanted
First excuse for allowing me lately is so little blogge.Immoment it very stressful at school but when I find some time to blog again I will use it of course . Ok then let's start with my contemplative care raid. I now get hold of the products in DM and Rossmann ;) Amazingly, this time is not "cosmetic" in my shopping hopped Yippi * *.

DM :

Balea Shower Cream Pitaya: 0.65 € (it smells really soooo great)

Rossmann :
Rival de Loop Cleansing Milk: 0.99 € (best cleanser I have ever tested)

Rival de Loop moisturizer: 2.99 € (broadcast times what will be)

bebe face water against blackheads: 3.79 € (heard much good about it)

Limited wipes Rival de Loop: 1.29 € (took to new)

If you want any products to a review, you need me just leave a comment there. Wish you a nice Friday evening <3

Eure Simone


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