Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Alverde KaufENTphelung

Hallöchen <3

IMMOMENT it is our very icy, I think everywhere in Germany, without gloves, I'm not at all more out although I thought I not need the more:) And now I sit in my room, sipping a nice hot chocolate and write the Kaufentphelung to Alverde Cleansing Milk Wild Rose. I bought this cleanser for about 1.80 € about 2 weeks in my DM and I have tried it 2 times and I think she just terrible! My skin is then stretched and was totally red, something like I have with a cleansing milk really experienced before. I usually always a Reinigunsmilch Rival de Loop used but I wanted something new auprobieren times I have short hand for those of Alverde entschieden.Was but I also feel as a total deficit is the fragrance of wild rose Alverde Reinigunsmilch, it smells really bad although I "normal" smell of Alverde really like. Okey now I've had enough bitching about; D Find absoulte not recommended. Hope I've helped with this little review.

Eure Simone


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