Monday, October 18, 2010

Build Wood Stove Enclosure

My everyday ♥ AMU

Hello <3
I'll have some pics of my current favorite times daily AMU. I wear it right now so much because it goes with everything, very natural look and is made super fast. Preparing for school or for friends, it's really great!
So now I show you how I conjured up this simple AMU:

the p2 Open up your eyes Brightner I first applied as a base and under the eyebrow and then I have the verwischt.Dann Kiko duo in the 200 with my color normal Ebelin eyeshadow brush applied, the brighter in the interior angles and the dark tone in the outer corner and something in the Lidfalte.Dann I have blinded the colors with the Ebelin Blender Brush (which no longer exists in the range). Dannach I pulled the brown eyeliner on the Loop Young Rival a thin eyeliner and so is my mind a bit edged down. And finally, I have mascara on my lashes with mascara Multi Action of Essence. Finish the look is!

bite then and I hope you like it has <3

Eure Simone


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