Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I Need For My Bathroom

I was once again Cosmetics shopping ..

Hallöchen <3

As you have already read in my title, I was again in my beloved DM Da course I again found some treasures that I would like to introduce you:

I finally got the magic forest LE Alverde discovered and since I have this beautiful Rouge in color Terra Magic 505 taken by all the rave so, it cost 2.95 €.

Then I bought this beautiful dark brown eyeliner from the magical forest in the color LE 041 Magic Earth for 1.75 €.

have also I is then also this beautiful Essence Lipstick in Color 46 Fashionista purchased cost by the way, 1.90 €, and which I now ♥

& love in the end I've still the Natural Mat makeup of Manhattan Clear Face for 3:45 € bought because I wanted again to try a new make up.

wish you a beautiful Saturday ♥


Simone PS: Average click to the pictures bigger.


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