Thursday, May 20, 2010

Automatically Rotate Tripod

Erich Oltmer


Life has brought me rich;

counts already good and money?

The love I was worth much more

than anything in the world.

With it come I really going,

that makes the harmony.

wag with her, "I 'nen' Saitensprung '

to the melody.

Now I'm old and looking back;

life was so beautiful.

I found my little 'lucky'

besteh'n so I could.

playing guitar I always yet.

keeps me well in swing.

With her I do well every week '

my' n small "string jump".

With her I come ....//

courtesy of:

My jump on the guitar strings p. 60

-Thank you for 85 years, "Memories" -

Small view of life in words and melodies of

Erich Oltmer from Bad Zwischenahn


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