Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Hallöchen my I Hübschen <3

I can not at all believe that I have as 51 readers, I remember exactly when I wrote my first post and I thought let's see what it is. A big THANK YOU that you support me I commented on and followed me ♥
But now we come to the actual topic of this post, which I wanted to give you some autumn AMU's I all with the Sleek Storm range of makeup have to show that I have all over the time will be uploaded. The AMU First I show you now:

So you get the point the look:

First you wear a eyeshadow base, I used in this case, the Artdeco eye shadow base. Then you wear the color number 1, on the whole eyelid and the eye angle. Then you wear the color No. 2 on the outer corner and goes with the color to the center of the lid, then everything is created so that a strong blind beautiful transition. Finally, you go with the color number 2 on the lower lash line along the lashes and inked with the multi-action mascara.
& is ready for the simple look.

PS: Can you tell me yes maybe, how do you like the idea of the autumn series AMU.

Simone ♥ your


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