Friday, December 17, 2010

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Review: Balea Rubin shower

wanted Hallöchen my sweet time I <3

reviewn currently my favorite of all the shower gel.

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It contains 300ml and cost about 0.65 €. The presentation I find very nice, as they may be simple but nicely aussieht.Aber what is not so great, that a Limited Edition is the shower gel, so it's only a short time available.

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Here you can now find the product promise and the contents of the Duschgels.Ich find the scent smells like Christmas very, very sweet but still fresh. Such a scent I had never liked a Duschgel.Mir the absolute! For the Christmas season but also so ideal for winter, I find it great.

Then another plus is the color and the conditioning effect of the shower gel, it is a beautiful red nächmlich what fits great for packing. Also nice is the feeling when rubbed with the gel, the skin then feels totally soft and you can shower after about 1 hour, the smell of the shower gel . Perceive

Summary: Great product, I'm going to buy more aufjeden case. The only downside is that it is a Limited Edition. But if you hoarding a few of them still at home, you have some time this super shower gel to hand;)

your Simone.


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