Saturday, December 25, 2010

Howdo Know If A Mcm Handbag Is Fake

Flomar Mind Gift

Christmas is now a day ago and I hope your Christmas was great. Mine certainly was great, until we were in church and then we ate delicious. And the presents were wonderful, but I get back the money as usual, books and perfume but we can always use :-) One of the gifts that I love from my Brother got, this Flormar MIND Geschenkeset. It includes a mascara, a deodorant and perfume. I'm still really not heard of it before, so it made me very happy.

The perfume has 75ml, which is already very large for a perfume. It smells very sweet and somewhat fruity, find the smell very nice. He is also not very subtle but also not very strong, just a good way thing. Saw him yesterday when I got it applied directly and I could perceive the smell for a long time.

The deodorant smells almost exactly like the perfume but not so strong. Did it still not used correctly.

And the last one is the Macara. It is black and has neither too large nor too small B├╝rstchen.Aufgetragen I have this morning, they found not particularly gut.Werde test but they continue, and if you want I can about the products that I have presented you make a review.
Wish you have nice holidays with your loved ones <3

Eure Simone


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