Friday, November 26, 2010

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Review: Manhattan Clear 2 in 1 Face Powder Make-up

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I wanted today, the Manhattan Clear 2 in 1 Face Powder & Make up reviewn. I have bought about 1.5 months in the DM for about 3.50 Euro. previously had been the "normal" powder of it and was really convinced of it, but I like to search for even better things this time that I've purchased from the Clear Face series. Since I'm not exactly very dark and more of a Blasshäutchen am, I bought the number 76 sand (But there are still a light that is vanilla).

find the design quite ok for the price. Does not look super nice but not very ugly, it's just an interim thing. Would have loved to have a little mirror for the way it had but one can not have it all.

Here you can now find the manufacturer's promise and the ingredients of the product. There are 11g contain what I already find pretty much of a powder, which price class.

The powder is of great color for my skin, being neither too dark or too light ist.Eben exactly my color.

from the ink transfer her he is great, because with my powder brush only a single time must go into the powder. Thus, a good ink transfer I've never had a Puder.Mattieren he is doing quite well, but it should be about 6 hours nachpudern him a little.

Find the powder really great, it makes my skin matte and very evenly wirken.Außerdem it is very abundant and the price performance ratio is total.Zwar can also use it as a make-up but something I am not says it Fan.Werde me buy more aufjeden case, since I have not had a good powder. A total Kaufempfelung!


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