Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prism Embroidery Floss Vs Dmc

Essence Metallics LE raid.


First a very big apology, I know that I am kept really extremely little post, but I IMMOMENT very much with the school at the ears. Would at least try to create a post in the week.
But now times on the subject, I was on Friday in Ross and I FINALLY found the Essence Metallics LE. I'm not a whole lot purchased by the LE, but at least something.

Sunday as first I have this lovely nail varnish of the 2002 Copper Rulez! calls purchased. The thought that it did because of this beautiful color and not because of the metallic effect, because I prefer wearing my nail polish with no pattern. It has cost 1.75 €.

Then I have the Jumbo Eye Pencil in 03 Copper also Rulez! bought for € 1.75. I wanted to have, because I think he does well is determined as a base to brew a nice eye shadow.

Swatch Eyes of Jumbo Pencils

Hope you have liked my mini raid :-)

Eure Simone


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