Monday, October 19, 2009

What Color Curtains With Burgundy Wall?

Fabric Chaos!

Was raised with me. My shelves are jam-packed and the new Stenzos are now already here. That is, it must now necessarily be what sells.

first red dotted pink fleece of Stenzo with 2.5 cm points. There are still 1m available. Price per m: 6,90 € / m
second pink brown dotted Polar Fleece by Hilco 2.5 cm points. Since I have yet to give 6m. Price per m: 6,90 € / m sold
third Berry-pink double face fleece. Cuddly soft from Hilco. Still leave 4m
Price: 10,90 € / m 4th Double face fleece gray pink. Cuddly soft from the current Hilco collection. Still leave 6m price: 10,90 € / m 5th Jersey with purple roses from Hilco. From the autumn / winter collection. Leave are still 4m at a price: 8,90 € / m

6.Punktejersey white rot by Hilco. The points are about 05 cm high. Leave are still sold out since 6m at a price of 8.90 € / m
7th Black and white points jersey from Hilco. The points snd about 0.5 cm. Leave are still sold at a price of 8.90 € 7m / m
8th Points jersey in blue turquoise of Hilco. The points are 0.5 cm in size. Leave is 6 m at a price of 8.90 €. / M
sold everything
9th Points jersey in red rose from Hilco. The dots have a size of 0.5 cm. Leave are still sold 5m at a price of 8.90 € / m 10th Cord in turquoise with beautiful romantic roses of Stenzo.Feincord. Rehome them are still 11th 3m for the price of 8.90 € / m

Cord in the beautiful romantic pink rose design of Hilco. Corduroy. Deliver them are only 4m at a price of 8.90 € / m 12th red corduroy uni by Hilco. Leave are 6m at a price of 6.90, €. / M
13th red Rosenpopeline by Hilco. Great for festive clothes etc. Give the deduction 4m at a price of 7.90 € / m
14th Fleece turquoise blue points with 2.5 cm points from Hilco. Leave are 2m at a price of 6.90 € / m

15th Cotton poplin with about 0.5 cm points from Hilco. Color: blue turquoise rehome are 6m at a price of 5.90 € / m
That's it for now. Yet many Meterchen are met. I ship always with the best companies, mostly Hermes.

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