Friday, March 4, 2011

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Even nail polish Mixed


I'm back:) my Pc and I'm feeling good again, too. Ne was also a long time that has ill celebrated my PC but now it works finally Bergauf.Ein Fortunately, I thought that is already my PC is quite the mind aufgegeben.Aber now we start again with my own mixed nail polish. It's a beautiful old rose tone with beautiful golden shimmer (click on the image then you can see the gleam clearly) had last week n├Ąchmlich boredom something and then I hated my great idea to nail polish 040 p2 lovely with other colors to have all first mischen.Zu I tilted away some nail polish because you hat.Dann otherwise too much of a nail lacquer that is I unpacked all my nail polish and watched what colors I could mix. When I look at the nail polish I had chosen as in my case as something done in the pink nail polish and then mixed. I did not really try around until I liked the color. And that happened with them not so great paint a very pretty, I wear super happy. Will now often paints to me not like about this mix with others and you will also have to share time on it. And sry for the little vergrabbelten nail polish packaging, there have only realized later;)


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