Monday, February 7, 2011

Command And Conquer Wd

Essence Multi Action VS. Catrice Lashes to Kill

Hi As you have already read the headline, I compare today's multi-action mascara with the Essence of Lashes Mascara Catrice to Kill. The multi
Action takes her in DM for about € 2.50 and the Lashes to Kill can be found in Müller your room for about € 4.00. Both
6 months shelf life what is actually in almost all mascaras Sun

The brush is almost the same in both mascaras only the brush of the Catrice "Lashes to kill" something finer than that of the multi-action. Otherwise it
are no external differences.

Sun and now you can see above my lashes without makeup and mascara on the bottom with the multi-action mascara. It gives my lashes more momentum and they are pretty extended. In the photo you see only one layer, with some more layers yet to see the eyelashes poet and Peppy. Overall, they like it very much now is it even my third multi-action mascara, because I really super great find.

And here again you see above my eye without mascara and down at the Lashes mascara to Kill Catrice. This mascara I am also very good because they also Peppy my eyelashes longer and I still think that only makes the Multi-Action Mascara is a shade better. Can not really complain about this mascara, it will use up aufjeden case still and watch it sometimes if I look at the down again.

Finally, a Direct survey.
a real difference can not be seen in the picture really.
But my favorite is still the Multi Action Mascara by Essence <3

Eure Simone.


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